Triple-Cube Coat Hanger

So again, beloved Pinterest gave us our next idea. Of course modified to our needs however. So jess has this hallway – the most dreadfully small, narrow hallway ever. The landlord had these Hawaiian-beach (ugly) pictures hung in it..and as much as Jesse probably could have cared less what was in the hall, I was hell bent on putting something in there. So I decided (because of his lack of storage) that we should build some storage (and because his jacket finds a home on whatever space is available) that the storage should have a coat rack.

So we got to work:

We used:

3 – 48″ x 24″ pieces of 3/4″ MDF ($9.98)  for the project, along with 3 Door Knobs ($ 2.99/ea.), 3 packs of 1 1/2″ hinges ($1.99/ ea.) and 3 Coat Hangers ($2.49/ea.)

everything else we already had (ie. screws, router, saw, paint)



Another trip to Home Depot (UHG) and we were ready-

The space we needed to fill was 48″, so Jesse cut the Top and Bottom pieces 48″ x 8″.

He then made the cube walls 10″ in height x 8 ” deep x roughly 16″ wide. (with the doors matching in 16″ x 10″)

The bottom (back part of the coat hanger) was 8″ x 48″.

He then cut the side moldings 6″ x 4″ jigsawing the design (as shown below) into each.

Each piece was then screwed together.

Jesse then went on to router the edges with a 1/2″ round over bit – making the edges look nice (in my opinion)

Before I knew it, my little creation was complete. I’m still in amazement that whatever I tell him to create, he gets right to work on. With minor hiccups of course. We’re both still somewhat knew to this. But he’s very determined and I’m (at times) very supportive.


So here’s our finished project. Enjoy!!


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